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Welcome to Charminar Restaurant

Charminar Restaurant is unique Indian traditional food and gourmet Cuisine. We are easy to find in 14 Ponsonby Road, Auckland CBD to serve you and your surroundings.

You will truly enjoy our traditional and legendary Indian dishes. Our dedicated preparation makes our food delicious and wonderful to make addictive to the palate. We pride ourselves to serve the food with more conscious about health and taste with healthy smile.
You will enjoy our Indian authentic food items Afghani Chicken, Tandoori, Lamb Chops and plenty more. We offers Lunch, Dinners and take away. Please visit us and enjoy our delicious authentic Indian food and fulfill your experience.
Charminar is synonym for Chettinad Cuisine. The people’s demand as led us to take this experience overseas. Charminar has been accommodating the changes of time by increasing their standards to cater the ever-growing necessities of today’s taste hunters. And now Charminar Restaurants have preserved the culinary traditions and served as one of the most outstanding Ambassadors of Chettinad Cuisine.
Have a healthy and yummy food and be happy!

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our culinary tradition


    Indians eat varies by region. Spices are used in many Indian dishes. When it is hot, spices such as chili peppers and garlic help the body sweat and cool it down. In colder weather, spices such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and nutmeg help warm the body.


    Every holiday requires a feast. Feast starts with the sweet ingredients used such as besan (chickpea flour), paneer (a white cheese), rose water, almonds, and sugars.


    This tradition has its roots in Ayurveda. Eating is supposed to be a sensory experience and eating with your hands evokes emotion and passion.
    Eating with your fingers helps in bringing forth digestive juices in the stomach. The nerve endings on your fingertips are known to stimulate digestion.